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The Greatest Car Crash Videos

Military Mi-8 Hip Helicopter Crash
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Power Boat Crashes and Flips Over
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Driver Cuts Off Motorcyclist
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Race car almost kills some guy. Fortunately it smashes into a tree.

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crash, accident, guy, car, life, tree, close call, racecar, death

Category: Accidents

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The super fast car accelerates to around 200mph and just loses the control. It's smashed completely. You can see the pilots legs at the last moment. Ouch!

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crash, serious crash, red flag, nascar crash, no injuries, race

Category: Speed Racing Crashes

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It's literally pouring during a GT race at Oulton Park. The track is almost undrivable. Number 52 goes sliding off the track. Number 8 stuck perpendicular to track. Number 9 slide crashes into nr 8 smashing both cars to pieces. One dude is knocked down his feet by a car but he manages to get up and run away.

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crash, car, truck, ks, 53, street, america, usa, wichita, reporter, 119, red, kansas, critical condition, live, injured

Category: Crashes

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On Easter Sunday, 1990, Darrell Gwynn had a horific crash at the Santa Pod raceway in England. He lost half of his left arm and was paralyzed from the chest down.

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crash, fatality, truck, death, police, intersection, chace

Category: Crashes

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F4 Phantom vs. Wall. Wall wins. US gov wanted to test what would happen if a plane crashed into the concrete walls of a nuclear power station. The jet sets off bolted to the track to prevent taking off at 500 mph (800km/h). The plane just atomizes and disappears. Only the tips of the wing escape the total destruction! The wall designed to withstand high forces and absorb energy did its job well. When dealing with nuclear energy no test can be too drastic!

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crash, car, airplane, takeoff, aircraft, take off, land

Category: Airplane Crashes

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