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Levis Clothing Blind Man Commercial
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Fast Race Crash
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Test Dummy Crashes
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A plane has to make emergency landing on a highway. Traffic has been shut down but one guy somehow managed to get this highway. Plane lands and crashed into guys car. Meanwhile there is another lady on the road which airplane and guy is about to hit. Fortunately they miss her by inches.

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crash, slow speed, plane, airplane, aircraft, helicopter, 1995

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New helicopter crashed while filming aftermath of a train derail. Pilot ended up in hospital, photographer - stable condition.

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crash, minor injuries, truck, tracks, locomotive, space, rush hour, superman, powerful, dominoe effect, train, beer can, rails

Category: Helicopter Crashes

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Year 2001. Mark Webber sideways, goes off the track in Spa-Francorchamps and crashes his formula 3000. Pretty big accident for Mark. This was before he was F1 driver!

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crash, high speed, formula, water, debri, boat crash

Category: Other Formula Crashes

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Here is what happens when you let a woman drive an auto. She will never learn how the gear works. Automobiles are made for men as far as I know. She just drives her automobile right into glass wall causing serious damage to the property.

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crash, boat, collision, bigger, trampoline, smaller

Category: Crashes

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Check it out. Once the pace car is off the track all the cars push the pedal to the metal and they are racing! 68 cars roaring at 155mph. Leaders finish lap one but other cars get stuck at 4th turn. The most fantastic pile up in racing history takes 37 cars out of the race. Only 7 out of 37 drivers suffered minor cuts and bruises. Most amazing of all - no fire! Rule bars, seat belts, helmets and lady luck saved lives this afternoon. Little bit of history on this one: In 1960 Daytona Superspeedway hosted the second Daytona 500. 68 cars entered into the race, back then there were a maximum of 68 cars in a superspeedway race. Coming out of turn four 37 cars get into a massive wreck where at least six cars get on their roofs. Amazingly, evryone walked away from this.

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crash, car, volkswagen, drink driving, dui, driving under influence, straight, road block

Category: Crashes

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