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The Greatest Car Crash Videos

Collection of Bike Crashes
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Darrell Gwynn's Career Ending Crash
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Sprint and Tiny Car Crash Comilation
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Truck and a brand new mercedes have collided and gone off road. Firemen have already arrived and are taking the fire out. Highway Patrol Lt. Glenn Peterson explains the situation that the car was going at a high speed, went past the medium and hit the truck head on. One person in the vehicle perished but the truck driver got out safely. Truck was carrying paper.

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crash, track, race, driver, australia, blue car, rest, impack, 140mph, conscious, emergency, isc, ripped, unharmed, melbourne, graham obrien, international stock car, wreckage, flipped, 14, disaster, melbourn

Category: Accidents

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Great collection of funny car crashes. Like formulas kissing and hugging eheheheh, race cars hitting cows and houses and cornfields, flying like airplanes, pilots fighting over crashes, race cars playing football with their tires, etc.

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crash, ferrari, formula, australia, melbourne, mike schumacher, sumaher, schumaher, michael shumaher, michael schumacher

Category: Airplane Crashes

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Kids, sportsmen, older people, extremists, dumbasses, and guys just wanting to show off just smashes into something.

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crash, usa, bump, hill, slide, icy, portland, brake, gravity

Category: Crashes

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Major accident, boat goes out of water and crashes into a crowd of spectators. Possibly many injuries.

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crash, woman, security camera, sedan, repaint, oil change

Category: Boat Crashes

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Driver of the truck thinks he can outrun a fast moving train. He forgets it's rush hour and other cars can not move quickly away to give him space. He does not manage to clear the tracks and the train crashes into the truck causing domino effect. No one was seriously hurt. He learned a lesson that only a superman is more powerful than a locomotive.

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crash, road, car, truck, clip, bus, bump, slide, icy, winter, video

Category: Crashes

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