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The Greatest Car Crash Videos

Truck Crushed a Car
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Police Pursuit Video with a Head On Crash
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Plane Crashes into a Helicopter
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Guy on a Suzuki bike filming himself gets cut off by a god damn idiot in a red car as he tries to overtake. What a jerk in the red car.

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Thunderbird F-16C crashed just after takeoff during an airshow performance in Idaho. The pilot managed to eject 0.8 seconds before impact and walked away with only minor injuries.

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Category: Airplane Crashes

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Great compilation of Rally crashes. I am no rally expert so I can comment much on what particular races are the vids from. I know only Colin McRae or whatever his name was spelled. I can just say that it's more than you can imagine. Watch!

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crash, water, no injuries, disaster, pull out, operator, weight, bus accident, crane, rescue

Category: Crashes

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Pursuit is happening so damn fast that the officer did not even have time to switch off the night vision camera. The suspect does not know the residence and chooses a road with speed bumps which make him slow down and let police get closer. A second police officer joins the chase. At the next intersection the suspect gains a good distance but it does not help him. Then he tries going into the opposite lane and crashes with another car head on. Suspect did not receive any injuries.

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Category: Police Chase

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This dude had a few drinks and was heading to his car when he was caught by police officers. He agreed to take sobriety test. The test was to sleep with officers ugly colleague. He agreed and got cuffed.

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Category: Drink Driving

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