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The Greatest Car Crash Videos

Mark Blundells Scary Indy Race Car Crash in 1996
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Tree Saves Guy from Death
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Mad Rally Crashes - Beyond The Limits
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Mark Blundell loses control of his car and literraly flies into the wall of the race track. His car is sent to pieces and he's left with two wheeler. The car just goes into bits. Dude just gets out of it as nothing had happened. Then he loses orientation and as medics arrive he's ok again.

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crash, highway, police chase, slide, cop chase, flip over, vehicle, five police cars, rear

Category: Crashes

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Slow speed capture of Peugeot Cabriolet 307 automobile test crash. It seems to protect the driver extremely well. All this happens in a blink of an eye just the video is in slow motion.

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crash, friend, truck, sobriety test, new york, drunk, nypd, police department, paris hilton, escape

Category: Crashes

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Allan McNish and Emanuele Naspetti locks wheels as they go under the Dunlop-bridge. McNish's car goes over a wall and breaks apart. A spectator gets killed as the engine and a wheel falls on him. McNish and Naspetti both receive minor injuries and practically get through this unhurt.

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crash, accident, tree, naval safety center, navymil, backle, us navy, safety psa, fasten, soul, die, driving psa, nsc, heaven

Category: Other Formula Crashes

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High speed cameras will capture test crash of several cars with bunch of other crap cars. Aftermath expertise is done. Mercedes survives, Volkswagen squashed completely.

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crash, smash, traffic, clip, chopper, hospital, people, helicopter crash, go down, gold color, sweden crash, lamp, trees, yellow, lithuania crash, scary, birth day, newspapers blades

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Car in a police chase strikes another car in rear, crashes, flips over and starts sliding like it was on ice. Five police cars were in the chase.

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crash, luck, accident, explosion, race, collision, rescue, safety, bad weather, rain, racing, autorace, race track, firemen

Category: Accidents

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