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The Greatest Car Crash Videos

Formula 3000 Crash (Spectator Gets Killed)
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Guy Goes Through 4 Lanes of Traffic On Full Speed at Red Light
Viewed 4,570,483 times
Drivers Try to Cheat Automated Bollards
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This is one amazing collection of various crash clips. Everything you could think of! Like Nasa rockets, oil cisterns, jeeps, bikes, formulas, etc, etc. Just watch!

Things in this crashing video:

crash, car, driver, collision, australia, truck crash, mercedes accident, drive, middle lane, drag, collide

Category: Crashes

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Rackless Audi A6 driver at 190 km/h crashes on a road.

Things in this crashing video:

crash, honda, odyssey, simple, experiment

Category: Crashes

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Spitfire airplane performs a 360 in the air and the pilot loses control over it. It crashes into ground and makes a huge explosion.

Things in this crashing video:

crash, air, explosion, 360, road atlanta, petit le mans, barselon, ga, barrier

Category: Airplane Crashes

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Guy crashes his car into a tree face straight. Everyone seems to die in this accident. Souls of these people get out of the bodies when suddenly one soul can not get loose. It's fastened! And the guy lives. Heaven can wait. Backle up! Naval Safety Center.

Things in this crashing video:

crash, track, accident, speed, roll, curve

Category: Crashes

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Guy horns everyone to give him road cause he is pushing brakes to the ground but still keeps sliding on the icy road! Fortunately for the guy other cars manage to give him road and his car stops on pavement probably just damaging left front tire.

Things in this crashing video:

crash, aircraft, city, tupolev, tu-144, tu144, soviet, airliner, supersonic, jet, fighter

Category: Accidents

Viewed: 4374 times